◈ Coaxial Rotary Joint(Single)(Model # : ACRJ SERIES N-Type) ◈

 Coaxial Rotary Joint has coaxial connectors
 with both sides.
 Therefore, not only small size but high
 performances are available.
 Because all parts are symmetrically circular,
 free rotation without performance  degradation
 is accomplished.

 Coaxial Rotary Joint modules from ACTIPASS are available on limited  bandwidth of all frequency bands.
 Moreover the products using other connectors are possible.

◈ Specifications
Model No. Frequency Range VSWR VSWR WOW Insertion Loss
Connector Material
ACRJ-12NNM-B DC ~ 12.4 GHz 1.2 :1 @DC~6GHz 1.5 :1 @6~12.4GHz 1.05 max. 0.3dB @DC~6GHz 0.5dB @6~12.4GHz Type-N(female)to Type-N(male) Brass

■  The specification can be modified upon customer’s requests.

■  All specifications are subjects to change without notice.