◈ LTE (Middle RF Repeater) ◈

Small RF Repeater Large RF Repeater
APRF-LXX33Z solves a problem of wireless fringe area in building by 2W RF Repeater

● Excellent Rejection Filter Characteristic
● Output Power Spectrum Analysis
● ALC, Shut Down
● Easy to install, Low cost
● Available for Dual Band Service
  upon Customer's Requests.
● Department, Apartment

◈ Applications
- Department Store, Middle and Small Shopping Store, Hotel, Basement Parking Lot …etc.
◈ Specifications
Parameters Down link Up link Remark
Frequency band LTE A. The specification
can be modified
upon buyer`s requests.

B. Available for Dual Band Service as same appearance upon Customer's
Output level +33dBm +27dBm
System gain 95dB 95dB
Spurious, Rejection The specification is satisfied with 3GPP
Power adaptor AC: 100V ~ 220V
Demension (Weight) W: 451mm * H: 480mm * D: 170mm (20Kg)
Operating temperature -10℃ ~ +50℃
Etc. ALC, Shutdown and alarm LED