◈ Waveguide Filter(Filter) ◈

Attenuator Sampler

Actipass R&M waveguide band-pass filter designs are available in the frequency range of 2GHz to40GHz.
The filter has low insertion loss, VSWR and narrower bandwidth more over steep skirt selectivity.
Each filter is custom-designed to your exact specification so that you will get the optimum performance at low cost.

Materials (Aluminum, Copper or invar) and finishes are designed for customer's specifications.
UG, CPR, CMR, PDR and other flanges are available upon request. Antenna Feed System

MODEL No Center Frequency Bandwidth Insertion
Return Loss
Rejection PDF
AWF-6600-30 6.6 GHz 30MHz 1.0 dB 18 dB 45dB @6.61GHz  
AWF-30485-808 30.485 GHz 800 MHz 1.0 dB 18 dB 40dB @32GHz  
AWF-32000-4000 32 GHz 4000 MHz 1.0 dB 20 dB 40dB @36GHz  
AWF-35000-400 35 GHz 400 MHz 3.0 dB 17 dB 20dB @35.5GHz  
AWF-14250-500 14.25 GHz 500 MHz 0.5 dB 20 dB 70dB @12.6GHz  
AWF-12400-200 12.4 GHz 200 MHz 1.0 dB 20 dB 40dB @12.7GHz  
AWF-7500-500 7.5 GHz 500 MHz 20 dB 18 dB 40dB @8GHz  
AWF-9460-100 9.46 GHz 100 MHz 1.0 dB 17 dB 30dB @9.56GHz  

■  The specification can be modified upon customer’s requests.

■  All specifications are subjects to change without notice.

■  As custom-made, please contact us about the specifications and a sketch drawing.