◈ GSM (Pico RF Repeater) ◈

LTE Dual Band Select
Small RF Repeater
APRF-GXX07Z enables to improve indoor call coverage and quality by eliminating problems such as weak and unstable receive and transmit signals. So, customers will be able to enjoy better voice and call quality, easy call access, and stable call link.

● Low cost & High reliability
● Easy to install
● Small Size & Light weight

◈ Applications
- Small office, Home office, Small store, Restaurant
◈ Specifications
Parameters Down link Up link Remark
Frequency band GSM The specification
can be modified
upon buyer`s requests.
Output level +7dBm +7dBm
System gain 60dB 60dB
Spurious, Rejection -36dBm at 30KHz~1GHz
-30dBm at 1GHz ~ 12.75GHz
Power adaptor AC: 100V ~ 220V
DC: +6V / 1.2A
Demension (Weight) W: 105mm * H: 133mm * D: 43mm (1.2Kg under)
Operating temperature -10℃ ~ +50℃
Etc. ALC, Shutdown and alarm LED