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H-Plane Tee L-Style
The basic design of the Actipass R & M Rotary Joint is connection of two "Waveguide to Coaxial Transitions".
Because coaxial parts are symmetrical circular, free rotation without performance degradation is accomplished. In the rotating part, electrical continuity is achieved by λ/4-chokes eliminating metal contacts.
The Rotary Joints can have both waveguide ports at a right angle to the rotational axis, "U-style",
one waveguide port at a right angle and one in line, "L-style" or both waveguide ports in line. "I-style".
Waveguide Rotary Joint modules are available for all frequency bands. UG, CPR, CMR, PDR and other flanges are available upon request.
W/G Size Flange
Material PDF
ARJ-430CC1-I 2.025-2.12 0.2dB max 1.20:1 1.05 WR430 CPRF Al/Brass  
ARJ-187CC1-I 5.4-5.9 0.2dB max 1.2:1 1.05 WR187 CPRF Al/Brass  
ARJ-137CC1-I 5.86-6.65 0.3dB max 1.20:1 1.05 WR137 CPRF Al/Brass  
ARJ-90BB3-I 10-10.5 0.2dB max 1.2:1 1.05 WR90 Cover Al/Brass  
ARJ-90BB2-I 8.5-9.6 0.2dB max 1.15:1 1.05 WR90 Cover Al/Brass  
ARJ-90BB1-I 8.5-9.6 0.3dB max 1.20:1 1.05 WR90 Cover Al/Brass  
ARJ-75BB2-I 13.75-14.5 0.2dB max 1.2:1 1.05 WR75 Cover Al/Brass  
ARJ-75BB1-I 13.75-14.5 0.3dB max 1.2:1 1.05 WR75 Cover Al/Brass  
ARJ-62BB1-I 12-18 0.5dB max 1.5:1 1.05 WR62 Cover Al/Brass  
ARJ-28BB1-I 32-35 0.6dB max 1.2:1 1.05 WR28 Cover Al/Brass  

■  The specification can be modified upon customer’s requests.

■  All specifications are subjects to change without notice.

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