◈ Waveguide to Coaxial Adaptors(Ortho-Mode Transducers) ◈

High Power
  Ortho-mode transducers, capable of separating  horizontal and vertical  polarized waves, are  readily available in most waveguide sizes.
These design feature low VSWR and insertion  loss, high isolation and power
handling capabilities.
Square output openings are standard except  where noted.
Circular outputs, other than those shown in the data below, and special  flanges can be supplied upon request.
Parameter Specifications
Frequency Range (Band width) 18/17/16% @ fo=22GHz
VSWR Max. 1.2:1/1.15:1/1.13:1
Vertical Max. 1.2:1/1.15:1/1.13:1
Horizontal Max. 1.13:1/1.13:/1.13:1
Isolation 45 dB min.
Insertion Loss 0.2 ~ 0.4dB max.
Material AL (Yellow chromate plated)

■  The specification can be modified upon customer’s requests.

■  All specifications are subjects to change without notice.